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The Text Mine dictionary is based on WordNet developed by the Cognitive Science Laboratory at Princeton University. The dictionary file data is converted to tables and stored in a MySql database. The tables include synonym sets for words, relationships between words, relationships between synonym sets, and examples of usage.

For each word, the different parts of speech categories to which it may belong as well as the different senses are shown. Each entry has an example of usage. A number is associated with each sense. This is a 'tag sense' that roughly indicates the frequency with which the sense occurs compared to other senses. A tag count is not always available for every word sense.

If a word is mispelled, Text Mine will find the 12 nearest words. The nearest words are located by stripping the last character of the search word and finding all close words. This process ends when 12 or more words have been found.


WordNet - This module contains functions to manipulate the WordNet database tables in Text Mine. The functions include checking if a word exists in the dictionary, all words that are related (synonyms, antonyms, hypernyms) to this word, and other functions. An example of usage can be found in the wn_dict.pl CGI script.

Function Calls for get_rel_words

The get_rel_words function accepts a word and a list of the relationships. For each relationship, the words associated with the word are collected in a hash. The in_dictionary function is used to check if the word exists in the dictionary or not. The get_synset function is called to get all the synset words for the synsets in which the word participates.


1. The list of function words is not complete. The Text Mine dictionary a combination of the WordNet words and a much smaller list of function words (conjunctions, prepositions, etc.)

2. Add functions to compute the anagrams of a word that exist in the dictionary. Compute anagrams of various word lengths.