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These tools can be used for the following tasks -
  • Searching the Web using an intelligent spider. Provide an initial set of links to a spider, along with guidelines for crawling. Automatically build a data collection from the web for any topic.
  • Information extraction , finding people, places, and organizations in text.
  • Searching and indexing your local machine for text and multimedia files. Build indexes for all types of files on your machine.
  • Periodic collection and organization of news articles from the Web. Pick the web pages that you would like to monitor and periodically collect and organize the data.
  • Finding answers to questions on the Web or the 'closest' answer in a FAQ. Automatically extract key sentences from a collection of web pages that may answer a question.
  • Tracking, saving, categorizing, and searching e-mail. This not an e-mail client. You can archive and organize your e-mail from multiple sources. Includes automatic categorization and workflow.
  • Summarization of articles or web pages. Extract a brief snippet or key sentences from news articles and web pages.
  • A Dictionary based on WordNet to find words, synonyms, antonyms, etc.

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